Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X to the gamers, but it seems gamers had expectations that just couldn’t be met.

Microsoft had a lot riding on E3 2017. Project Scorpio is now known as Xbox One X. Xbox fans from around the world were waiting for this one.  Now it seems that a majority of people are disappointed in the reveal from Microsoft due to the final price of $499.

I’m perplexed by the backlash from the internet fan base. People are already calling the system dead on arrival and a huge mistake. Even though Phil Spencer was extremely clear with what the Xbox One X was always going to be, some people were still caught off guard by just how much the system will cost this November.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why did so many gamers expect Xbox One X was going to change Microsoft’s strategy? It seems like people expected Microsoft to stop doing programs like Xbox Play Anywhere and third party deals. That somehow a brand new piece of hardware was going to boost first party studios by 300%. Why did gamers have this expectation?

The Xbox One X wasn’t made to try and convince PC gamers to switch to console.

You could lump a lot of the comments together after the reveal for Xbox One X. No “true exclusives,” and “priced too high when you can just build a PC.” Xbox Play Anywhere is not a good thing for the Xbox One family of consoles if Microsoft was in the game to simply sell hardware. It makes people on the PC front less likely to buy the new Xbox One X because they could play Microsoft games on their PC. What gamers don’t seem to fully grasp yet is that idea is perfectly fine. Microsoft gets your money either way.

Do you really think Microsoft cares if you buy an Xbox One X to play Crackdown 3 or if you play it on PC? You better believe they are thrilled you are buying their game either way. It seems like the initiative to bring games to Windows 10 isn’t bringing Microsoft any good will, but that’s a different argument for a different day.

But let’s get back to the Xbox One X itself. Gamers have been using the PC argument for awhile now. That the idea of a console being made for profit out of the gate, instead of companies taking a loss have basically neutered the console market. Instead of getting cutting edge tech in the form of a console, both Microsoft and Sony went for something profitable from day 1. This strategy made the PS4 an XBox One dated the moment they came out compared to consoles of the past. Now the XBox One X has been revealed as having mostly modern hardware in an unbelievably small form factor.  It seems that just isn’t enough for gamers though.

Phil Spencer made it clear what Xbox One X was going to be from the start.

My question becomes what did you expect from Xbox One X? Phil Spencer has been extremely clear with what was Project Scorpio at the time was going to become. A high-end piece of gaming hardware. With the aspirations of 4K resolution and cutting edge engineering. A piece of hardware that is the definition of quality. The Xbox One X is exactly that plan come to life. That console is sexy as hell and is a beast. We could have a discussion about the CPU, but again Phil Spencer laid it out that the goal of Scorpio in its’ design phase was to play any game that was on Xbox One in 4K. He never once stated it was supposed to run every game at 60 FPS.

Xbox One X will very likely have the “best” versions of multi-platform titles. Unless developers choose to simply not use the extra hardware of the Xbox One X, there is zero reason to believe the Xbox One X won’t run games at higher resolutions and more stable frame rates. The extra Ram in the One X should also give things like assets a nice bump in resolution as well. Only making the Xbox One X versions of games even better to look at. Granted this all yet to be proven because the console isn’t out yet. But there is limited reason to assume these things will not happen with Xbox One X.

This is something I said in my piece just before Xbox One X was revealed asking why people though Project Scorpio was going to somehow bring gamers back to the Xbox Family? It has and always will be about the games. Sadly, people still aren’t happy with that aspect from Microsoft.

As a gamer I am excited to games in 4K and HDR on Xbox One X.

As a gamer who plays just about every major AAA release at some point, I am pumped for the games coming to Xbox and Windows 10.  Games like Forza Motorsport 7 and Crackdown 3 sit very high on my list of games I am dying to play. ( how bout dat Wolfenstein Trailer though!? GOTY 2017!?) Add in Ori and the Will of the Wisps for 2018 along with Sea of Thieves and you have an extremely diverse lineup of games. All of which are only on Microsoft platforms. Halo 6 is expected for 2018 as well.  Xbox One X will also play all of those games in 4K HDR and you better believe I am pumped to see how those games look on my B6 OLED. As a gamer, I am super excited to play those games on Xbox One X. The same way I am super pumped to play Spider-man on my PS4 Pro.

So I guess my question is, what more did you expect? Maybe I have set my expectations too low for Microsoft? I never expected the Xbox to snag a bunch of Japanese developed games like Ni-oh and Persona 5. I didn’t expect Microsoft to stop making Forza and Halo because they are solid games that I enjoy every time they release. The “sticker shock” of the Xbox One X is understandable, but after seeing the form factor and the hardware, I fully understand why it is priced at $499. I also didn’t expect them to take a loss on the hardware, so the high price tag didn’t shock me.

Tell me what you expected from Xbox One X and Microsoft.

Again, I just don’t understand what more gamers expected from Xbox One X. It was always designed to play games from first and third parties better than the PS4 and PS4 Pro. That is exactly what it will deliver. If you care about things like resolution and graphic fidelity than the Xbox One X is for you. Why gamers thought the Xbox One X was suddenly going to change the vision of Microsoft’s strategy is something I don’t understand. While others seemed to think this was going to be the new dawn of Xbox. So help me out and tell me what you expected out of Xbox One X in the comments.