I’m not sure if Sony holding its punches or saving what they got for PSX.

For better and worse, you can always count on Sony to be consistent. When Sony first unveiled  the Playstation 4 at E3 2017, it was an instant winner. And continues to be. Sony, critics, and gamers alike are perplexed by the success. But why should we be? From the very start the message was clear.


Hi, My name is Sony Playstation 4. And I play videogames.


Sony’s E3 2017 was no different. Sony got on stage and spit a sweet sixteen. No hooks. They did not go on and on about the success of the hardware. It was a brief moment followed up with “now back to the games”.

I don’t want virtual reality. But if I had Playstation VR, I’d be all over that line up.

At some point during every E3 Sony has to show how it’s trying to ride the wave of current or future technology. Usually it’s a mess and we pretend The Move did not happen. During my live viewing I could not help but make fun the attempt to sell me on Sony VR. Until I found myself legitimately jealous of everyone who can fish in Final Fantasy XV. How many times is Skyrim coming out? I don’t know but I do know I would run through it again with my mouth open, staring at the ceiling. I would also love to give my little cousins a run with Moss.

Please do not take this as VR actually being a thing we all must get. On the contrary. If you have any interest, great. If you do, better. I think there might actually be a lot of good times to be had with PlayStation VR. But don’t expect me to drop the near $500 to get one. They still have not delivered a killer app. Albeit they showed some neat exclusives.

What does exclusive even mean any more?!

If there is one thing someone can say to you that can tip you off to their opinion being trash it’s this: That console has no games.

Play this drinking game. Watch the Microsoft conference and take a shot any time the word exclusive is used. On second thought, don’t. You’d be dead. I am impressed that Sony did not oversell an exclusive deal. There were a few good looking games where you you had to think to yourself “Is this coming out on Xbox also?”.

And who said these consoles don’t have exclusives? Sony landed themselves some good looking upcoming games. With days gone being amongst the least impressive. Yet there are still a lot of you wanting to shoot zombies so there’s that. I cannot say they did anything surprising however. It was expected exclusives. Save for maybe the Shadow of the Colossus remake. They played it safe this year. So safe we are left wondering where the Sony first party teams are. We know what Naughty Dog and Gorilla is up to and when to expect them. But where is Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, or thatgamecompany? Sony has made a living off these pseudo first party developers. Yet they are absent and have been for some time. I was really hopping this was the year Sony blew us away.

A very good and very safe road for Sony and the Playstation 4.

There was nothing especially new, but Sony came to play delivering on franchises we expect them to show. Just like we expect Nintendo to show off Mario games every year, we expect Sony to over-hype the new Naughty Dog or other first party developer title. You can also bet on them nailing the landing in the end. No matter how boring or uninspired you may have found a Sony conference, that ending usually had something special. This year they showcased solid game after solid game. Except for Days Gone. Then they ended with an actually huge exclusive with Spider Man.

We sit here and wonder why Sony is “winning”. And honestly may continue to “win” past the Xbox One X release. And it comes down to something very simple. Software moves hardware in the end. That is not to say any other conferences did not show great games. Sony just has a… Knack for grabbing the high profile and unique exclusive. Now the question is will the games release before we forgot they were even announced.