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Semispheres Review, Bite Sized Dual Puzzles

Semispheres is a great and cheap puzzle game that is perfect for people who want something that can be played in spurts on the Nintendo Switch. Semispheres is a puzzle game that seems to fit right at home on the Nintendo Switch. It offers a challenge that most of the time isn’t too frustrating but also offers a presentation that is very unique to keep your eyes focused on the beauty that is in front of you. Looking at a puzzle in Semispheres at first seems like a weird and daunting brain puzzle due to the unique presentation of...

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 135: Samsung Mario Galaxy HD

This weeks episode of For the Love of Gaming Podcast features Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, SSX, and The Legend of Zelda. Ten Minute Topic: Playstation 4 Reactions. Is Gearbox guilty of embezzlement with Aliens Colonial Marines? EA screws up the launch of Sim City. Nintendo promises Wii U OS improvements this year. Rare once again says they are hiring for a mind blowing kinect game. https://archive.org/download/4LOGPC135Final/4LOGPC%20135%20final.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (83.3MB) Subscribe: Android | Google Podcasts |...

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