While details are scarce, fans are already speculating who will join Smash Bros. Here are 4 characters we hope will join the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster.

The heart and soul of any Smash Bros title is the roster. Since before logging onto the internet was a thing, people would play Smash trying to find out what hidden characters were waiting to be unlocked. Smash 4 had an insanely big roster. If you include the DLC, you have one of the largest and most diverse list of characters in any video game. But Nintendo can do more. Here are some additions that could make the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster even better.

Shovel Knight would make a stellar addition to the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster. Plus, Shovel Knight is already a part of Nintendo history.

Shove Knight Super Smash Bros Switch

Shovel Knight almost seems like a lock at this point for the Super Smash Bros Switch roster. Nintendo and Yacht Club games have been working closely ever since shovel Knight’s Inception. There is even an amiibo already made so Nintendo wouldn’t have to worry about that functionality. As well as sell more amiibo. Which makes everyone happy in the end.

Shovel Knight would be a no-brainer addition due to his abilities as well as design. He has an Arsenal at his disposal with all of the abilities from other Knights. Without ever seeing him in a smash Arena you can already sort of picture how he would play. Fans have expressed their love for Shovel Knight on every platform from PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. His presence could draw players from different platforms and make the top-notch roster even better.


Snake from Metal Gear Solid was one of the most unique characters in Smash. Seeing him return on the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster would be a cool comeback tour and possibly the last time we ever see him.Snake Smash Bros Swicth

A character that could make his return to the smash arena is snake from Metal Gear Solid. What snake was absent from Smash 4, his return to the Super Smash switch roster could be the plan. Konami has already made it clear they are interested in pursuing Metal Gear Solid games even after Kojima has left Konami.

The reasoning behind snake not being in Smash 4 has never 100% been explained. The rumor has always been neither Nintendo or Konami had reached out to bring him back for Smash 4. But that’s the past and this is the future.  It is no secret that Metal Gear as a franchise is in an odd spot. But that is a story for another time.

Seeing Snake make his return would not only once again mix up the roster, but it could be one of the last opportunities to see this character ever. Gamers have no idea if they will ever get a “proper” Metal Gear game again. So adding him to Smash could be a nice tribute to the legacy of his character.

Travis Touchdown made his debut on the Nintendo Wii. With a new game coming exclusively to switch. It’s time to bring Travis Touchdown to the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster.

Travis Touch Down SMash

Travis Touchdown is by no means a family-friendly character. But hey, that didn’t stop Baynoetta from entering the fold in Smash 4. Travis Touchdown could fit very easily into the Smash roster as he mimics a swordsman. While there are already a lot of swordsmen on the roster, he could bring some new game-play to the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster.

Travis Touchdown also made his debut on a Nintendo platform. While the sequel wasn’t exclusive to the Wii, the upcoming Travis Stikes Again: No More Heroes is a Switch exclusive. I can’t think of a better way to get gamers who might have forgot or maybe missed No More Heroes the first time around.

His fighting style would fit Smash as well. He already is very animated and over the top when it comes to his arsenal of moves. He wields the Beam Katana and has a variety of different ways he uses it to take down his foes. Obviously, the vulgar language and pools of blood would have to be toned down quite a bit. But if Bayonetta can fit in the Smash universe. I see so no reason why Travis Touchdown can’t join the Super Smash Bros Switch roster.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is a long shot. Sora has only been on Nintendo portables, but the Switch could be his ticker to joining the Super Smash Bros Switch Roster.

Sora Super Smash BrosThis one is definitely the least likely to happen it seems. Kingdom Hearts 3 is not coming to the Nintendo Switch. At least not yet, but Square Enix is no stranger to the Super Smash Bros. Cloud Strife was added to the Smash Bros roster on 3DS and Wii U. So clearly, Square Enix isn’t against the idea of adding characters that aren’t typically found on the Nintendo platforms.

Sora wields the Keyblade and that could be translated to the Smash gameplay easily. There are already a number of swordsmen on the roster and Sora would fit right in. He also has

an extremely long list of different costumes and Keyblades that could be implemented. Smash fans love it when they get to customize characters with tons of different outfits and Sora could have more than anybody on the roster.

Sora also was one of the most requested characters when Nintendo had a ballot for fans to choose who they wanted to see on the roster. While Bayonetta ended up being that character added after the ballot, Sora is still on the minds of many in the Smash community. Sora joining the Super Smash Bros Switch roster would probably send shockwaves through the Smash community. But also be a good way for him to make his way back to the Nintendo family.