Semispheres is a great and cheap puzzle game that is perfect for people who want something that can be played in spurts on the Nintendo Switch.

Semispheres is a puzzle game that seems to fit right at home on the Nintendo Switch. It offers a challenge that most of the time isn’t too frustrating but also offers a presentation that is very unique to keep your eyes focused on the beauty that is in front of you. Looking at a puzzle in Semispheres at first seems like a weird and daunting brain puzzle due to the unique presentation of two sides of the puzzle being on screen at the same time. Each puzzle is broken into two sections, with each side representing a joystick. The left joystick moves the left side and the same with the right. The goal is to get each sphere you control into an exit to move onto the next puzzle, but doing so sometimes will require you to manipulate one area on the left side of the puzzle to achieve something on the right side.

My time spent with Semispheres on Switch had no real issues. On portable and on TV the game looks really sharp and the colors and art style pop off the screen. Sure there were a few puzzles that really had me confused and I just couldn’t wrap my brain around what needed to be accomplished. But that feeling of finally figuring out the puzzle of a few minutes of being puzzled is really satisfying.

The puzzles are never overly long or feel as if you need to really need to think so many steps ahead just to get to the solution. I found this to be a great thing with the portability of the Switch. I was able to get through a couple puzzles and throw the Switch into Sleep mode. Then pick up right where I left off instantaneously later. Even on late puzzles when the game is the most challenging Semispheres never felt frustrating  to the point I wanted to turn the game off. That is the tough part about a puzzle game and I feel as if Semispheres strikes the right balance for people that aren’t looking for the toughest challenge possible.

If there was one criticism I have with Semispheres it would be that the control scheme seems very unique on paper, but in practice it never really breaks down to something that truly adds to the experience. Since you control each sphere with a separate joystick you would think there would be a lot of puzzles that require a little mind bending in regards to controlling each sphere at the same time. That is very rarely the solution. Instead, it ends up being a layered type of puzzle where you need one side to perform an action before the other side can continue. So while the presentation of having both sides adds to the experience and makes it feel unique. The control scheme doesn’t end up being the star of the show.

For $9.99, you can’t really go wrong with Semispheres. While the design doesn’t exactly do anything crazy in terms of creating a new puzzle experience, the puzzles are very solid and offer a bite sized experience that is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. The presentation is also top notch that shines in portable mode. As well as if you want to play it on the big screen. Pick this one up if you are looking for some fun puzzles.