Robonauts is about shooting robots and rocking out to some kickass tunes.

Robonauts is a game I didn’t know I wanted to play. Not only did I not know I wanted to play it, but I had no idea it would be my go to game for a little while. When you first boot up Robonauts you are greeted with a little robot guy that goes around this planet and shoots things. It doesn’t sound very complex or deep because the game simply isn’t aiming for that. Robonauts is about rocking out to some sweet music and shooting some robots, and on the Nintendo Switch it’s about doing all of that on the go or on the couch.


The idea behind Robonuats is simple like I stated earlier. The simplicity is something I think is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. The game really is staying alive and destroying every enemy on screen. The player will get different power ups like a shotgun blast and a new type of grenade to keep the game play flowing, but the end goal is always the same. Kill everything on screen and do it in style with some kick ass tunes. Combine everything with I just outlined and mix in some planet jumping from time to time and you have Robonauts in a nutshell.

Robonauts oozes style, and you will be humming the tunes for days after you put the game down.

The entire package of Robonats has style. The graphics are colorful and unique. The art style really pops on the Nintendo Switch screen as well as on the big screen. But the music in my opinion is really what holds the experience together. This is game whee having nice headphones or a rocking surround system will pay off. The beats and music are just awesome to listen to while shooting robots and other enemies. It won’t take long before you humming the tunes even after you put the game down.

Robonauts gameplay

The one area that does fall short with Robonauts is a big one and it needs to be addressed. Robonauts is not a hard game. In fact, I would Robonauts is far too easy. I never really felt challenged during my time with the game. Once I completed everything this title had to offer, there was very little reason to go back. Unless I wanted to listen to some kick ass tunes again. While I enjoyed every minute I had my first few times through, I soon found myself wishing there was a mode or another way to experience the adventure. Sadly, there just isn’t much there in that regard.

Robonauts is a great game for people that have a Switch and want something fun to pick up and play in portable mode. But Robonauts also offers something cool and fun when you want to sit back on play on your TV. In that sense, Robonauts fits into Nintendo’s philosophy with the Switch in every aspect. The lack of any real challenge and progression does hurt the final package. That is not enough to hurt my recommendation to pick it up though. If you’re looking for something that will going to challenge you look elsewhere. But if want something you can be sucked into for the presentation and game play for the sake of just relaxing and taking your mind off life, Robonuats is the perfect game for you.