Game season of 2107 has arrived an there are so many games that your mind might just melt. Buckle up because this is a long episode.

Fire Emblem Warriors hit the Nintendo Switch and Chris talks about his adventures slaying everything that moves.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole finally released and the crew talks about how they enjoyed the second chapter in this series.

Continuing the trend of not liking what every one else likes on the internet in 2017, Cory and Basher talk about their disappointment with the Wallenstein 2 game play and disjointed story as well as the crazy grind required in Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

Assassins Creed Origins gets some love as well as Cory and Basher debate on what makes the series good and why Origins is a good but flawed entry into the series.

Call of Duty: WW2 of course sparks a debate as Call of Duty always does on this show, and Chris shows his true colors on how he feels about the series.

Super Mario Odyssey hot the Nintendo Switch, and Cory explains why you need a Switch so you can play the latest out of Nintendo’s Mascot.

Finally, Xbox One X released with its true 4K promise, and Cory picked one up. Find out how he feels about the latest box from Microsoft and if it delivers on it;s true 4k promise.