I want to become better at Injustice 2, but I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

Injustice 2 has been in my Xbox One exclusively for a few weeks now. I am really enjoying the latest fighter from NetherRealm Studios, but there is a problem I am having with Injustice 2 that I just can’t seem to solve. I completely suck at it, and I am hoping the community can help me out.

When it comes to fighting games, I am what you could call a late bloomer. I always played them as a kid and was always excited to try the new Mortal Kombat whenever it hit my local Blockbuster. The thing is, I was always pretty bad at fighters. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be good, I just never understood them fully.

Fast forward some years and the rumors of a new Killer Instinct coming to Microsoft’s latest platform are swirling. Killer Instinct was the first fighting game I ever played as a child on the SNES. It was also the only fighting game where I sort of was a badass. I was the best on my block, but that was before the internet hit.

When Killer Instinct did hit the Xbox One on launch day, it was the game that compelled me to buy the system. I fell in love immediately because for whatever reason it just clicked with me. I understood the basics, but for the first time, I understood the advanced aspects of a fighter. Maybe it was the tutorial or maybe I just finally decided to actually try to understand the harder aspects. Either way, I became very good at Killer Instinct, and still can hold my own with some high ranked players.

Now getting back to Injustice 2, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the mechanics. Whenever I go online it basically one of two scenarios. I either destroy my opponent, or get utterly smashed. There is very little inbetween¬†and i can’t figure out why for the life of me.

My main right now is Supergirl. She seems to have the style that I like most in fighting games, and I have managed to get up to a 9 hit combo with a lot of practice, but thats where I am lost. Injustice 2 is obviously not Killer Instinct, but I feel like there is just something that I am missing. Here are my questions below:

  • When I am being combo-ed, is there anyway to get out of the situation? Depending on who the opponent is, I sometimes am able to use a meter to do an air recovery,but it is extremely rare. Am I supposed to just sit there and watch the combo take place every time?
  • When it comes to Supergirl and ¬†few other characters in Injustice 2, I feel like there is only a single combo I am supposed to be doing. Like a master combo you could say. I haven’t been able to find any other good combos that can get me to a 9 hit combo reliably, more importantly that also does the same amount of damage or evern close to the same amount.
  • Am I supposed to be using Super Moves? I feel like they are too much of a gamble to waste an entire bar of meter. I have yet to really try to use one online unless I know the match is done.

Those are the basic questions I have without going into too much detail. Can the Injustice 2 community help me out? Sound off in the comments below.