It has been awhile since the 4LOG crew has been able to meet, but the stars have aligned and the podcast is back.

God of War might have come out a while ago, but that doesn’t stop the crew from giving the opinions and if they agree with the “game of the generation” reputation it is getting.

Cory played Detroit: Become Human and didn’t agree with the critics that it is David Cage’s best game. In fact, he called it his worst by far.

While Sea of Thieves has some good ideas, the crew agreed there wasn’t enough there for this game to launch.

Cory described State of Decay 2 as a pain simulator. Which might sound like a bad thing, but he actually meant it as a compliment.

Cory was about to pull his hair our over Crash Bandicoot N’Sane trilogy due to the controls, and it turns out he’s not completely crazy.

Cross play for the PS4 with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is in the news, and it seems that the crew is confused why people are getting so bent out of shape.

PlayStation 5 has a lot of talk surrounding the release date and a bet was made that it will hit in either 2019 or 2020.