Summer 2017 is wrapping up. As always not a lot of new games have come out, but Splatoon 2 did hit the Nintendo Switch. Cory picked it up along with Chris who now owns a Neon Nintendo Switch!

Sonic Mania released just a few days before we recorded this episode, and Sonic Mania is believe it or not, a great Sonic game.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer hit PC and Consoles, and Cory talks about how it’s one of the best characters in the Diablo 3 roster.

Titanfall 2 received a new titan, which Cory couldn’t remember the name of, and Basher spent some time dropping Titans as well.

Overwatch Summer event thing started, and of course that means a discussion about Overwatch breaks out.

The Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition pre orders go up soon, but Crackdown 3 was pushed to 2018 leaving Microsoft with only Forza 7 for their first party output in holiday 2017. So as always, a discussion breaks out about the future of Microsoft and how Sony is staying on top of the gaming landscape. Is the Playstation 5 just around the corner to combat the Xbox One X?