Episode 192 of the For the Love of Gaming Podcast has come and gone.

Resident Evil 7 hit at the end of January to rave reviews, but the 4LOG crew was not impressed.

For Honor gets a thumbs up from Cory, but Basher has some legitimate grievance with Ubisoft’s newest title.

Halo Wars 2 is available to Ultimate Edition Members, and Cory explains how it’s extremely buggy and his Warthog had a mind of its own.

Nioh hit the PS4, and Basher enjoys the Samurai ┬áversion of Dark Souls, but isn’t blow away.

Playstation 4 Pro gets Boost Mode, owners rejoice!

Nintendo Switch won’t have streaming apps at launch, and for some reason people are angry.

Microsoft announces they are going first this year at E3, Project Scorpio blowout expected. 4K for everyone!