The holiday season is almost here, but before that crazy story of games hit, it’s time to talk about all the betas for those games.

Cory and Basher played the Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 Tech Tests, and both seemed to underwhelm them quite a bit,

Steam World Heist has been sitting on Basher’s computer for quite awhile, but he finally got around to experiencing its’ greatness.

Chris is still playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the Wii U, and embraces his inner Anime singing self.

Cory picked up Hitman, and is blown away how much the episodic nature of the game ended up being possibly the best part.

PS4 Pro has finally be revealed by Sony, and the 4LOG crew has trouble understanding who the console is for, as well as a discussion of PS4 Pro VS Scorpio obviously pops up.