Its the summer, which means video game releases are few and far between.

Pokemon Go has set the world on fire, and Basher talks about how it got his friends to interact with real people.

Cory picked up Star Fox Zero on the Wii U, and explains how it is flawed but still a decent game.

Chris explored his inner JRPG, and picked up Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the Wii U.

As always with every gaming podcast on the planet these days, a discussion breaks out about Overwatch.

Since the 4LOG crew are failures and didn’t record a podcast after E3 2016, the crew talks about the one game that impressed them the most at the show.

Next Gen/Half Step Gen/Upgraded Gen is coming, and there is a basic view of what the Nintendo NX, Xbox Scorpio, and Playstation Neo appear to be. The 4LOG crew discusses what they think of each new console and what it means for the future of the industry.