We missed a month, and boy did we pick the wrong time to do that. It’s Game Time in the gaming world!

Cory played through Quantum Break and explains how that Its’ definitely a Remedy game.

Chris finished his first Souls title with Dark Souls 3, and the usual 4LOG Dark Souls conversation pops up.

Basher talks about Naughty Dog’s latest entry into the Uncharted series with Uncharted 4. Once again, Naughty Dog has knocked it out of the park.

Cory finally got his wish with the release of Doom. Basher and Cory agree that Doom is the best FPS to come along in easily the past decade, maybe even longer.

The entire crew played Blizzards new FPS, Overwatch. The entire crew is having a good time, but they talk about a few things they wish were different.