It’s June, and that means it’s time to talk not only games, but what will be coming in the future at E3 2015.

Cory played Evolve and Splatoon. Basher picked up and was amazed by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Rumors about E3 2015 are not too crazy this year, but there will always be those wild ones.

Is Sony prepping an Uncharted Trilogy on PS4? Will Naughty Dog be making it?’

Dishonored 2 rumored to not be making an appearence at Bethesda’ E3 conference.

Is Microsoft going to revive Perfect Dark, and create a new third person shooter?

Square Enix says they have a big RPG coming soon. Is it just a remake?

What does Mass Effect 4 need to be to become great?

Find out what games Cory and Basher want to see most at E3 2015.