Since there isn’ta lot of new games coming out, Chris decided to play some older games. He played and finished D4: Dark Dream Don’t Die, and he revisited Final Fantasy 3 on the DS. Of course Final Fantasy 13 gets a small discussion, since that title always finds a way to make an appearance.

Cory and Basher played Dying Light, and they talk about why they believe it’s a mediocre title.

Microsoft started outlining their plans for gamers with Windows 10, the 4LOG crew talks about the new things coming, and what other things need to happen.

Valve says they are going to talk and show Steam Machines at GDC 14, and debate about Steam Machines breaks out.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was going to get a beta patch system, but Microsoft pulled the plug.

Star Wars Battlefront might of had a lot of information leaked, and the crew talks about how it sounds like EA is just going to make Battlefront a skin of Battlefield.