This gaming drought of 2014 is almost over, but until then we have some new versions of games to play. Diablo 3:Ultimate Evil Edition launched for Xbox One and PS4, and Cory has already dumped a ton of time into the new version, and Chris is having his first Diablo 3 experience.

Basher revisited his Vita to play the God of War Collection.
Cory spent some time with the new golf simulator, The Golf Club, and express his love for the game, but his hate for pure golf simulators.
Cory finishes up the section with a discussion about Metro Redux and the enhancements made to Metro 2033 for Xbox One and PS4.
Chris picked up the awesome 8/16 big mash up, Shovel Knight for the 3DS.
EA Access announced for Xbox One. The 4LOG crew gives their opinion on if people should be so skeptical of this new service.
The New Nintendo 3DS announced for Japan, and we find out Chris should of listened to Cory and waited to pick up a 3DS.
DLNA support announced for Xbox One!
Share Play coming to the PS4 in the next major update.
Rise of the Tomb Raider announced as a Holiday 2015 exclusive for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the 4LOG crew tries to figure out anyway this deal could make sense.