For the Love of Gaming Podcast is back for the month of February  with a ton to talk about.

The 4LOG crew spent time with the Titanfall Beta on Xbox One and PC.
Cory finally got through Super Mario 3D World and has come to the conclusion it is another solid Mario title.
Chris got through The Legend of Zelda: Link Between worlds on the 3DS.
Cory and Basher have a debate on why Battlefield 4 is so close to becoming the next great shooter, but it is the little things holding it back.
Nintendo unveils a lot of interesting information in the investors call, things such as the possibility of a new hybrid console that would combine their hand held and console market.
Microsoft buys the Gears of War franchise and hands it off to their internal studio Blask Tusk.
Steam Machines are hitting this year. Priced from $500-$6000, and the 4LOG crew tries to figure out who is going to buy them.