Drunkn Bar Fight feels a little janky at times, but that doesn’t stop the laughs and chaos that can ensue. If you want to show off VR, this is a game that can do it.

While VR is still a hard sell to many people due to lack of titles that can display the strengths of VR, Drunkn Bar Fight is one of those games that can demonstrate VR quickly and effectively to people that may not understand or appreciate what VR can do. All while having a great time and laughing at the hilarity that can appear on screen. The concept is very simple. Go inside a bar and beat up everybody you see.

Throw some darts, use a baseball bat, or throw whatever drink you see near you. There isn’t a lot of depth to the concepts and design of Drunkn Bar Fight, but at $12 you can’t expect much more than a fun time. The laughs that you will experience playing alone or with friends is what you are after. The ability to pick up and play is probably this VR titles’ greatest strength

. While it is a strong candidate for showing off the concept of VR, Drunkn Bar Fight VR still feels a little unfinished even for its low price tag. The hit detection can sometimes feel extremely off. If this is because of the PSVR having some limitations is hard to decipher. This leaves the player swinging widely instead of trying to actually grasp the concept. There were times I was standing directly in front of an opponent and my punches were going through them.

Getting stuck on objects in Drunkn Bar Fight can be a little annoying. Especially in a VR scenario.


The other aspect that feels a little unfinished are the boundaries. There are a few different bars to choose from and each one feels limited in terms of space for player movement. There were multiple times I would get stuck on objects that were nowhere even close to me. Especially in the Western-themed bar. The tables seemed to be the culprit and anytime I was close to one I seemed to get stuck. This would even stop from moving forward at all sometimes.

So yes, Drunkn Bar Fight VR does feel a bit janky, but the jank in this instance didn’t stop me from enjoying it immensely. You have to go into this experience knowing it’s about just messing around and seeing what can happen. Versus going in expecting a game that is meant to be played over and over to become better. This is a party game and is best experienced with friends. But for the love of gaming and your well being, do not play this drunk. That would be a bad time. If you are looking for an experience on Playstation VR that is for a party, Drunkn Bar Fight is the one to get. But if you are looking for something to play solo I highly recommend Moss.