De Blob might be almost a decade old, but the at style and fun game play keep the game feeling fresh.

De Blob is a game that released way back on the Nintendo Wii. Yes, you read the correctly, the Wii. Way back in 2007, De Blob was a game that i thought went criminally under the radar. Even though it reviewed fairly well and was talked about positively by people who played it, the talk about this game just never felt it reached the height it deserved. Now in 2017, oddly enough you can now replay and buy this title on your Xbox One and PS4. With enhanced visuals and controls that don’t require a Wii-mote, (granted you could of played this on Xbox 360 or PS3 as well) De Blob has been brought to modern consoles hoping to revive some of that colored glory.

De Blob is about one thing and one thing only, color. The goal of De Blob to paint everything that has been turned gray by the evil INKT corporation. You achieve this by performing different styles of maneuvers to bring color and life back into the world. Fight enemies and color the world in the allotted time over 10 or so levels and you will achieve color greatness. Run into issues and you must jump into some water to clear the nasty black and grey ink away. It’s simple yes, but any player can see where the appeal lies.

De Blob’s art style really shines with the power of modern hardware.

So yea the story is simple and the game play is also quite simple, but that really isn’t what De Blob is all about. It was about the art and game play, but the question is does all of that hold up? Amazingly after almost 10 years since De Blob’s initial release I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. I think the biggest change is playing it on an HD capable console compared the 480p maximum that the Nintendo Wii was capable of. As well as modern televisions having much better color combined with higher resolution. Everything in the world pops with color and vibrancy that was just missing originally.

But how does the game play hold up? De Blob does indeed feel a bit repetitive as you complete the levels available. The goal and game play are simplistic. Players that areĀ  looking for that hook in game play that will keep them coming back will not find much here. That just really isn’t what De Blob is trying to accomplish. De Blob wants to be fun but also look really unique and different while you play, and on the front it totally works.

De Blob with achievements and trophies creates a challenge not seen in the original release.

What the player is trying to accomplish doesn’t change. The complexity of each individual stage does ramp up giving a new sense of challenge. The problem is once you have sort of figured out the tricks of De Blob, they are not particularly hard to master. The addition of achievements and trophies carries over from the 360 and PS3 versions, and trying to achieve the full 1000 points is honestly kept me coming back since I had completed this game on the Wii. But any reason to play more is a good reason in my eyes.

De Blob is still a great game even after 9 years has passed. The at style and game play still work well in modern games. While things can feel a bit reptitive as players go through levels, the variety in levels combined with the art keeps it from getting stale. If you’re looking for a game that will challege you for days on end this isn’t the game for you. If as a player you enjoy games that do something different and look espieclaly fantastic while doing it, De Blob should already be installed on your hard drive.