Author: Cory

52 Games in a Year Week 2: WWE 2K17 and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

 This weeks’ 52 Games in a Year choices feature WWE 2K17 on Xbox One, and Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix, part of the 2.5 HD Collection on PS4. Cory: For week 2 I decided to revisit a series of games that was near and dear to my heart, the WWE series. Unfortunately, even before booting up WWE 2K17 I had heard the series took a huge nosedive in quality since THQ went under years ago. I had some hope though for WWE 2K17 since I had briefly played WWE 2K15 due to Games with Gold, and I remembered...

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 201: All 19 Cents

This months episode is a lot of catch up but Monster Hunter World hit the market and amazingly all 3 members of the 4LOG crew picked it up. You’re welcome Capcom. Basher hopped back into Rainbow Six Siege and to no one’s surprise, he hated it. Chris is still diving into his PS4 and played a lot more Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 HD (really Square Enix) Cory picked up the Forza Horizon 3 Season Pass so he played on Blizzard Mountain and the Hot Wheels Island. Chris played VR, and guess what… He didn’t hate it. Microsoft announced that Xbox...

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