Author: Cory

Robonauts Review, Sweet Tunes To Blast To

Robonauts is about shooting robots and rocking out to some kickass tunes. Robonauts is a game I didn’t know I wanted to play. Not only did I not know I wanted to play it, but I had no idea it would be my go to game for a little while. When you first boot up Robonauts you are greeted with a little robot guy that goes around this planet and shoots things. It doesn’t sound very complex or deep because the game simply isn’t aiming for that. Robonauts is about rocking out to some sweet music and shooting some...

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 197: But Wii All Play!

Gaming season 2017 has begun! That means there are games galore and not a lot, if any, news to talk to about. Destiny 2 released and the 4LOG crew has been playing the latest game from Bungee. Does Destiny 2 finally fix the issues that the first game couldn’t? Lawbreakers released on PS4 and PC, and even with its’ budget price, Cory and Basher talk about how they have already sort of forgotten about this title from Cliffy B. Mario +Rabbids: Kingdom Battle came out exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and somehow Ubisoft managed to make a real cool and...

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