Author: Cory

Nex Machina Review, Twin Stick Awesomeness

Nex Machina from Housemarque is another stellar title to their catalog of games on the Playstation 4 and PC. Nex Machina is twin stick shooting at its’ best. Housemarque has a history of making great games and Nex Machina is no exception. Nex Machina is a twin stick shooter which will seem very familiar if you were at the launch of the Playstation 4 with Resogun. Nex Machina is wild and a lot of fun but also engaging and very challenging in a good way. The player takes control of a small little solider and goes from platform to...

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 195: E3 2017, The Power of X

Thank you for sticking with us as we made the move to the P4 Network. For the Love of Gaming Podcast will continue on! Prey came out from Arkane Studios and Cory finished it, but wasn’t as impressed as a lot of other gamers were. Injustice 2 grabbed Cory with its’ loot system, and Chris finished the story mode and was pleased overall. Project Scorpio has finally been revealed as Xbox One X. It will be coming on November 7th 2017 for $499. A dicussion breaks out obviously about this console as well as the PS4 Pro, and the...

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Xbox One X: New Console, Confused True 4K Message

Xbox One X has been touted as the true¬†4K machine, but the messaging at E3 2017 from Microsoft isn’t exactly clear. Microsoft had a lot to prove at E3 2017. All eyes were on them to deliver the goods with Project Scorpio, which we now know as Xbox One X. With touting 42 games to be shown at their conference, it was packed with new games and announcements such as Backwards Compatibility for original Xbox games. Their E3 2017 conference was a great show all around, but it sure as hell was confusing at times. Especially when you consider...

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