Author: Cory

Titan Quest Review, A Great Dungeon Crawler With Flawed Performance

Titan Quest on Consoles works fairly well on a controller but this buggy port creates some weirdness that might affect some players. Titan Quest on consoles doesn’t sound as crazy as it probably once did. Blizzard brought Diablo 3 to consoles with much success, but Titan Quest is still a different game and is more in line with Diablo 2 in design. Bringing something that was created so heavily with PC controls in mind is a daunting task, but Titan Quest on consoles is a version that is totally playable. Titan Quest is a Diablo 2 clone but it...

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For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 203: Is That on Gamepass?

  It has been awhile since the 4LOG crew has been able to meet, but the stars have aligned and the podcast is back. God of War might have come out a while ago, but that doesn’t stop the crew from giving the opinions and if they agree with the “game of the generation” reputation it is getting. Cory played Detroit: Become Human and didn’t agree with the critics that it is David Cage’s best game. In fact, he called it his worst by far. While Sea of Thieves has some good ideas, the crew agreed there wasn’t enough there for...

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