Author: Bobby

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review, Neat at First

  Where were you when the indie game boom happened? It was refreshing and exciting. Why wait that every few Tuesdays for a subpar AAA title when we have cool indie games released every day!? It felt like each one was better than the last one. Until you realized a lot of the games were not that great. They were just different. And just being different is not good enough. Jettomero is one of those indie games. It looks so good and just oozes style. The colors pop, the art style is unique, and the characters look like nothing...

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Persona 5 Review, New Places Same Faces

Persona is back with Persona 5 and it’s the same as ever, but now on Playstation 4. I have been a Persona fan since day one. The mix of Japanese social life in high school and battling monsters in another world go together like chocolate milk and salt. Try it. On paper its not supposed to work. In fact, it should be a disaster. However, Atlus could create a niche within a dying genre that spawned multiple sequels and spinoffs. So, when Persona 5 was announced for the PlayStation 4, I was beyond excited. Its Persona, but next gen....

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Where Was That Sony Bravado for E3 2017?

I’m not sure if Sony holding its punches or saving what they got for PSX. For better and worse, you can always count on Sony to be consistent. When Sony first unveiled  the Playstation 4 at E3 2017, it was an instant winner. And continues to be. Sony, critics, and gamers alike are perplexed by the success. But why should we be? From the very start the message was clear.   Hi, My name is Sony Playstation 4. And I play videogames.   Sony’s E3 2017 was no different. Sony got on stage and spit a sweet sixteen. No hooks....

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