Week 7  to play 52 games in 2018 brings the fast-paced fluidity of Capcom games with Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and Mega Man X.

Megaman X lgoo

For week 7 I sort of cheated with my pick. I needed a good pallet cleanser due to a lot of my game choices being a lot worse than I expected. I went with one of my all-time favorite games, Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo. This is a game I have been playing since I got my SNES for Christmas when I was just a wee lad.

What can I say about Mega Man X that hasn’t already been said? It is the definition of a perfect game. From start to finish it is absolutely flawless. The level variety is unmatched and each boss is unique and a blast to take down. The movement is enhanced from the original series and in my opinion, dashing is the best thing to ever happen to the Mega Man franchise. I have beaten this game probably 50 or 60 times. No joke. When I was younger I wanted to perfect this game. I would set up my own challenges like a no special weapons run or a no heart container run. I have beaten this game in every way you can imagine. I absolutely love to throw this game in a few times a year.

I think what grabbed me as a kid was the idea of the capsule progression. This was before the time I had internet. The idea of playing a game that had so much hidden content that could drastically change how you play blew my mind. Trying to find every capsule and heart container took me days to finally uncover the secrets. And when I finally did get internet and heard about the Hadouken I thought it was a huge perfectly crafted joke. Imagine my brain when I finally got it.

The X series itself isn’t flawless. I think it is safe to say that after X4 the series tried to go too far in too many directions. While I enjoyed X5 and X6 for what they were, the changes to the systems in place took away some of the magic. I have actually only finished X7 once and I can’t even fathom trying to play through it again. I have also only played through X8 once but I remember liking it a lot compared to X7.

Mega Man X 1 through X4 are games I will likely play for the rest of my life. I fully believe that those four games will stand the test of time in the history of interactive entertainment.

Devil may Cry 4 Speical Edition logo

My seventh game for fifty-two games in a year is a classic in my eyes, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. I picked up this game during a Capcom publisher sale on the PS4 for only ten bucks. Which is a great deal for everything that this game has to offer.  I was really interested in playing the extra content that special edition contains. And unlike most, this is my favorite Devil May Cry game in the series.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition was released in 2015. It contains a decent amount of new content when compared to the original release from 2018. I love how Capcom took the time to go back and give this game a lot of exciting new content. They could of honestly just released an HD version and I would have been happy.

The basics of the new content such are better graphics, HD upgrade, new skins and three new playable characters. I’m pretty impressed with their addition of Vergil, Trish, and Lady because it gives us more gameplay and variety.  Each character plays a bit differently and makes this game even more exciting. It gives me the option of multiple playthroughs, rather than just playing Nero and Dante like in the original game.

Now, this is my favorite Devil May Cry game for many reasons. Frist off the music is amazing and catchy with that classical and hardcore style. I could watch the opening cutscene nonstop with that awesome opera song and Nero fighting the demons. During gameplay, the music kicks in at always the right time to create the crescendo of awesomeness.

That brings me to my second point, I’m a big fan of Nero. And I’m really interested in the mystery of this character. Who is he? Why does he have devil powers like Dante and Vergil? His gameplay is fun and flashily with his grappling abilities. The buster mechanic is basically a kick-ass button and feels awesome to use every time. Especially when it comes to bosses where Nero can perform over the top abilities in true classic Devil May Cry style. I hope we get a proper Devil May Cry game in the future that continues his growth and expression.

And lastly, I’ve always felt like this game has some of the smoothest combat in action games. Once you learn the controls, combos, and enemies everything just feels right. It makes getting those smokin’ style points more rewarding and gives me the drive to get the best combat score possible.

 If you haven’t played this Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, I highly recommend picking it up. I have many great memories with the original version of this game, and the special edition brings them back. Overall it’s just fun and exciting experience.