Week 5 of 52 Games in a Year brings a Playstation VR title called Moss and Player Unknowns Battleground.

Moss Logo OSVR

Moss is a game that really sold me on VR. Thirty dollars is a bit pricey, but Moss is worth every penny.

Moss is a PSVR exclusive game that could sell people on VR. I recently reviewed Moss and I rated it very highly for good reason. Explaining VR is not an easy task and Moss is no different. Watching a video doesn’t do the game justice and players won’t understand just how well Moss takes advantage of VR until they put the headset on.

While Moss is a basic puzzle solving platformer at heart, the VR features make it excel in every regard. VR allows the player to essentially move the camera freely with the tracking on the headset. Moving your head allows the player to see and bend the camera around them. Mechanics like judging jumps has never been easier. Being able to move in the VR space to look behind and around objects allows puzzles to feel more interactive.

VR also gives the presentation a pop that can only be done in VR. The world is crafted by a team that clearly loves Quill and the world they created. You feel like you are a part of the story and not just playing a character in it. Moss is the first time with a VR title where I didn’t want to take the headset off. The presentation and story peaked my interest immediately. When the final screen played I was very sad that there wasn’t more. I hope gamers will see more of Quill on PSVR in the future.

Player unknown battlegrounds Logo

PlayerUnknowns Battleground on the Xbox Preview program is still a mess, even for a game in early access.

 My fifth game of the fifty-two games in a year is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, for the Xbox One. I’ve been pretty interested in this game since it’s release, and since I haven’t played a game with a battle royale game mode. I was curious about what I could get out of this game, even though I had an enjoyable time with my friends, this game is pretty rough in all aspects.

 I have to mention that PUBG for the Xbox One is still in a preview phase. This preview version is such a mess. I don’t think I have ever played such a broken game. First, there was a constant theme of disconnecting from the game. Whether it was me, my friends, or my opponents. There were so many instances of my squad would be in a battle, and then suddenly one of my teammates would get booted from the game.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds has some serious lag and rubber banding issues. The combat is already pretty difficult and the lag makes it pretty much unplayable. Also, the visuals and graphics are pretty gross and bland. This game is greatly lacking in content, there’s literally one game mode with just different variations of it. And this preview is priced at thirty bucks, which is way too much with what this preview provides. Again it’s still in preview, but this preview has been out for quite some time now. I expected a bit more polish.

PUBG has so much potential to be an amazing game, but these problems hold this game back. I genuinely had a great experience battling and surviving with my friends. The battles themselves get pretty intense and chaotic. And the idea that you always have to be aware of your surrounding makes the game so suspenseful. It puts you on the edge of your seat. I hope the developers address these issues and resolve these problems. Until they do, I have no interest in playing this game again.