Because we figured we don’t play enough games, Chris and I decided that for the year 2018 we are going to beat/play 52 games in a year. That’s 1 week per game. So strap yourselves in for this adventure we are calling, 52 Games in a Year,


For week 1, Chris decided to hop back into his favorite MOBA, Smite on the Xbox One. Here is what he had to say.

Smite logo

 It’s time to start the year strong with my favorite MOBA Smite. This is currently my most played game on the Xbox one with about twenty hours. I Have a personal goal to achieve a level one worship for each god. This allows me to test out how each god controls and their gameplay. Now, this is an adventure on its own since there are ninety gods, and I have about twenty more to go. Also, season five just released on consoles, so its a new year to prove my skills with some ranked matches. So let the battle of the gods begin!
Originally what brought me into this game is the idea that you play as gods. I’m a big fan of mythology, and this game expresses that. There are currently nine pantheons, with each god having their own unique gameplay and style. The gods are rounded up in five different classes such as hunter, guardian, warrior, mage, and assassin. Which allows more variety in how you play. I Like that you play in the third person, compared to top-down mobas. This allows me to really feel like I’m in control of the action rather than just point and clicking. Which is also the main reason I play on console. You can’t use a controller with the pc version, and Smite feels really comfortable with a controller to me.
Now I’ve been playing since the Xbox one beta version. This game is constantly updating with new gods, visuals, and game modes. Like for season five, they just updated the conquest map with new visuals, size, fog in the jungle, and a lot more. All of this will change the way you move and strategize. Also when you achieve fantasy points this season you can actually spend them on exclusive skins. Which you gain just by playing the game. Now, that’s another thing I want to mention. When this game released you had to purchase loot boxes to get skins, but now the game will reward you skins just by playing and winning. To me, this shows so much improvement from when the game released, and how Hi-rez is thinking about their fan base. Then there are new limited adventure modes which allow gamers to try new gameplay. For example, Hi-rez made a smite cart racking adventure, capture the flag, and the newest will be a horde mode.
There’s so much you can do in this third-person action MOBA. The battles are intense and suspenseful. And the game constantly rewards you if you just play. Whether it is giving free loot boxes or achieving fantasy points to unlock new skins. I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t played it before. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the game is also completely free to download. So gear up and I hope to see you on the battlegrounds of the gods.
Recore definitive
For week one of this adventure, I decided to revisit a game from 2015 that was flawed but I still enjoyed, Recore. Now know as Recore: The Definitive Edition after a free update is a game that I really enjoyed at its’ “core,” but it just never felt done. With this fancy new version which features 1440p and HDR, I was hoping the end product would now feel complete compared to what shipped in 2015.
Unfornutaltey, that is not this case even with fancy Xbox One X enhancements. The content added is some new dungeons and a new bot that helps you traverse the land more efficiently, but the open world of Recore just isn’t fun to explore. The dungeons are the best part of Recore because the controls are tight and traversal is fun, but the time in-between dungeons are too long. You have to slog through the game too long to get to the content you really want to play. I hope Microsoft does have more Recore in the future. There is solid design at the heart of the game, but it needed more time in development to feel complete. If the world had more things to do I would recommend this game without a doubt, but even with its Definitive Edition title, I can’t suggest it.